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Posted: October 27, 2014

New Hutchinson Lists Posted October 27, 2014!

New Hutchinson Lists for each country, state, territory, and province were posted today.  These are printable .pdf files developed specifically for those who desire to print pages that are convenient for taking to bottle shows, visiting antiques stores, etc.  A link to the Hutchinson Lists is posted on the Bottle Directory page.  The Hutchinson Lists are only updated periodically and unlike the database that is updated daily, the Hutchinson Lists are essentially "snapshots" in time.  If you are searching for the most current information, always utilize the Hutchinson Search engine.

Posted: October 8, 2014

10,000th Hutchinson Image Posted!

It has taken us just over 14 months to accurately identify, catalog, prepare, and add over 10,000 different Hutchinson images to the database.  And we do mean "us," as well over 1,000 individuals have contributed images to the Hutchinson Bottle Directory initiative.  Reaching the 10,000 milestone so quickly wouldn't have been possible, of course, without the dedicated assistance of several major contributors who have each submitted hundreds of images.  A sincere THANK YOU to each of you!  So, onward to image #11,000. 

HutchBook Database Growth Is Finally Slowing

We are steadily cataloging new Hutchinsons, but likewise pleased the pace of identifying them has slowed enough that we have been able to catch our breath.  Whew!  The number of Hutchinsons catalogued has grown by an astounding 741 so far during 2014, boosting the grand total to 18,703.  We are clearly headed for at least 19,000 listings.

Posted: May 19, 2014

Is Your Bottle A "True" Hutchinson?

Numerous on-line auction sellers often do a so-so job of describing the bottles they are listing and are left wondering why their bottles didn't sell.  We routinely see Hutchinsons incorrectly listed as whiskeys, milks, medicines, beers, and other categories, and an even broader array of bottle styles incorrectly described as Hutchinsons or "Hutch type" bottles.  We understand the challenge facing sellers who have little or no bottle collecting knowledge, but continue to wonder why so many experienced bottle collectors often fail to accurately describe their bottles.  Understanding the different types of closures is not rocket science, even for those styles that are often confused with bottles that utilized Hutchinson's Patent Spring Stopper.  Several years ago we posted an informational page on GreedyBay in an effort to help novice sellers better describe their bottles and hopefully improve their sales success.  So few sellers were finding, reading, comprehending, and using the material that the page was removed and added to's Collecting section.  Please review the expanded Hutchinson Bottle Sales Guide and consider incorporating the suggestions into your on-line bottle listings.  Here's a link to the page:

Hutchinson Bottle Sales Guide

Posted: January 1, 2014

2004-2013: A Look In The Rearview Mirror

Although it seems like only yesterday, a decade has passed since new life was breathed into this initiative.  Publishing a hard copy Hutchinson Bottle Directory within five years was deemed impossible when we quickly exceeded the original estimate that there were 7,000-10,000 different Hutchinsons.  After serious re-evaluation, was developed and launched and today users now have free access to what has essentially become a "live book" that is updated daily.  I won't rehash the various twists and turns we have experienced; those tracking progress are well aware of the path we have taken, and those who aren't aware probably don't care anyway. 

I never imagined that a decade after restarting the project I would still be working on it full time.  Although the HutchBook has required far more effort than I originally estimated, I also misjudged how much pleasure would be derived from tackling a challenge of this magnitude and seeing it thru to fruition.  While helping Joe Nagy while he steered the project in the 1970s and 1980s, I contributed 2,000+ hours into gathering data, preparing bottle drawings, etc.  I have always considered those hours a major contribution to a hobby I have now enjoyed for over 53 years.  Hindsight suggests those hours weren't a big deal, considering I have invested over 2,000 hours in 2013, boosting my total HutchBook hours in the past ten years to over 13,000.  You can do the math. 

Here are the numbers for 2013:

  • Daily updates: 364

  • Individual listings updated: 6,164

  • New Hutchinsons catalogued: 695

  • Total Hutchinsons catalogued: 17,962

2014: Looking Forward

During 2013, new editions of "Hutchinson Highlights" were posted on the first of each month.  We believed the addition of this "magazine style" feature would increase interest in and boost HBCA membership.  We were wrong.  Mid-year we added the page hit counter that you may have noticed at the bottom of most HutchBook pages.  The counter allows us to track site usage and the numbers clearly document that the primary reason users visit is to access the database.  That is terrific, of course, but it is also disappointing to see how infrequently anyone accesses the other Hutchinson material posted on the site.  HutchBook usage accelerated rapidly once the Phase II database was launched, and has continued to grow steadily since we started posting images last August.  While I still think the "Hutchinson Highlights" was a sound idea, posting such material may have been premature, or simply not what users are seeking.  The Highlights required an average of 20 hours per month preparation time, so I have pulled the plug on them and will devote those hours to two major areas during 2014:

  1. Our highest priority continues to be the addition of Hutchinson bottle photos.  As of year end 2013, we had posted 5,500 images.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed images to the project, whether it was one or hundreds.  You folks are the cornerstones of Phase III and your efforts are truly appreciated.  Depending on the source and quality of the images, some can be processed and ready for uploading in a couple of minutes, while others have required over half an hour of effort.  We have worked thru our supply of straight digital images and are now plowing thru those received via EMail.  Once those are completed, we will attack the paper files, scanning hard copy photos and rubbings.  

  2. The other 2014 HutchBook priority is tackling HBCA membership benefit features that have yet to be fleshed out.  The first will be to build and post the membership want lists designed to facilitate communication.  HBCA members will hear more about this in weeks to come as we gather current contact information.   

Although I am ceasing production of the monthly Hutchinson Highlights, we will continue to post Hutchinson-related news items here on the Home page.  Instead of holding items for monthly posting, they will be added as they develop.  A side effect of dropping the Hutchinson Highlights is ceasing posting of archived articles.  We are maintaining an off-line archive, so if you need a copy of something we once posted, EMail us at Development is designed to serve as a widely used reference source that will benefit collectors, historians, archaeologists, and other interested users.  The Hutchinson Bottle Collectors' Association (HBCA) sponsors free public access to  HBCA members support and promote historical research by collecting, preserving, studying, documenting, displaying, communicating, and sharing information about the antique bottles that utilized Charles G. Hutchinson's Patent Spring Stopper. 

Since the Hutchinson Bottle Directory initiative's founding in 1976, over 1,000 people have contributed bottle data and related information for this project.  The following portions of the site document the project's historical development: Implementation

Phase I: Hutchinson History (launched September 30, 2009) Phase I focuses on historical development of the North American soft drink industry during the 1879 to World War I Hutchinson Era.  Site content includes extensively researched, factual documentation concerning: the origin of the term "soda pop;" the evolution of bottle closures, including 30+ stopper patents often confused with Hutchinson’s Patent Spring Stoppers; a history of the W. H. Hutchinson and Son company; Hutchinson's lawsuits; the American bottling system; pre-Hutchinson Era bottling; Hutchinson bottles; the Hutchinson bottling process; and much more.  Printed out, the content is 300+ pages in length! 

Phase II: Bottle Directory (launched August 1, 2012)’s newest feature is the Hutchinson Bottle Directory, a fully searchable, free access database cataloguing extensive data about over 18,700 different Hutchinson bottles.  The powerful new “Hutchinson Search” engine is a gateway to detailed data about the Hutchinson bottles utilized in all U.S. states and territories, Canadian provinces, and several foreign countries.  Users have access to numerous pre-defined, printable lists of Hutchinson bottles, plus lists of bottles in popular collecting categories, such as colored and picture Hutchinsons.  The database is continually updated to ensure users have access to the most current and accurate Hutchinson information available.

To access the database and its related features, click on the Bottle Directory link located in the left side navigation bar on any page.

Phase III: Bottle Illustrations (commenced August 1, 2012)

Phase III is the addition of photographs, scans, and computer-assisted drawings to accompany individual Hutchinson bottle listings.   Over 10,000 images are now posted on-line, with thousands more to be added in months to come.