HutchBook Bottle Data Submittal Form

This form is designed to facilitate the gathering of data when cataloguing Hutchinsons for the HutchBook database.  We want the process to be simple for ourselves, and for those submitting data.  If you don't want to use this form, no problem; we will gladly receive the  data any way you prefer to send it - EMail, snail mail, pony express, or whatever.  All we ask is that it be legible and as complete as possible.  Thank you for contributing to the Hutchinson Bottle Directory initiative!

Hutchinson Bottle Directory ID Number (for existing listings):

Country, State, Territory, or Province:



Region or Area (Chicagoland, Coal Region, Island of Hawaii, Island of Kauai, Island of Maui, Island of Oahu, Long Island, South Jersey, Upper Peninsula):

Embossing (please designate line breaks with slash marks and show exact punctuation):




Mold (2 leaf, 3 leaf, 4 part, or other):

Glass color:



Plate mould shape - Round, Horseshoe, Other (describe):

Base shape - Round, 10 Panel Base, Other (describe):

Rarity (Rare = less than 10, Scarce = 10-100, Common = more than 100):


Submitted by:





ZIP/Postal Code:

EMail Address:


Photographs: If possible, please EMail digital photographs to  We prefer full-frontal images showing the entire bottle and the front embossing, and backgrounds that are as plain as possible.  If you're unable to submit electronic images via EMail, we would appreciate a photograph and/or pencil rubbing of the front embossing along with your snail mail submittal.    

Print and mail to: HutchBook, 6311 139th Ln SW, Rochester WA 98579-9743