Hutchinson Data Definitions

Hutchinson Bottle Directory listings are catalogued by country, state, territory, province, county, region or area, city, and bottler.  Individual bottle listings include all available data on front, back, and base embossing, mold style, glass color, height and diameter dimensions, plate mould shape, base shape, rarity, glass manufacturer, and more.  Additional thoughts:

  • Each bottle has an assigned identification number to facilitate communication about specific listings;

  • Embossings are described in capital letters with slash marks that represent line breaks in the lettering, e.g. “CENTRALIA / BOTTLING WORKS / CENTRALIA, WASH.” means the embossed word “CENTRALIA” is above the embossed words “BOTTLING WORKS” all of which are above the embossed words “CENTRALIA, WASH.”;  

  • Punctuation is shown exactly as each bottle is embossed;

  • Bottle mold style is specified as two leaf, three leaf, or four part mold;

  • Height and diameter are shown in inches as decimals;

  • Base shape is specified, e.g. Round, 10 Sided, 10 Panel Base, etc.

  • Rarity classifications have been simplified to: “Rare” = less than 10 known; “Scarce” = 10-100 known, and “Common” = 100+ known;

  • We are not capturing dollar values.  They are too dependent on individual bottle condition and constantly-changing supply and demand.